Slip and Fall EP

by Spill Your Guts

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released June 13, 2014

Recorded and Mixed by Xander in Shanghai.



all rights reserved


Spill Your Guts Shanghai, China

Formed in 2012, SYG is a hardcore punk band that blends their own unique style of fast, aggressive music.

Vocals - Dima
Guitar - Zaruf
Guitar - Larry
Bass - Ian
Drums - Tyler

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Track Name: Growing Tide
Nothing to lose, we’ve lost it all
Nothing to prove, we've done before

Open the doors, please come inside
You saw it once; you’re gone with a tide
A growing tide, straight from the basements
Dirty and moldy, abandoned bomb shelters

Gone… Gone… Gone…
Gone with the tide
Gone… Gone… Gone…

With punk in heart and PMA in mind
We make this tide grow even higher
Step by step, doing everything myself
Straight from the streets to your CD shelf.

Despite religion, race and language
Our doors are open with no limitations
For all the kids that share our beliefs
Always antifascist, antisocial indeed

No borders can stop our progression
You won’t blow out like candle, our passion
Rising from every corner of the planet
Join us now, otherwise see you later.
Track Name: Slip and Fall
Standing in front of you
Looking in your blank eyes
Waiting for the clue
On how to make a step

Step into the darkness
Unknown and so deep
I still hear the silence
Falling from you chapped lips

Guided by the dead gods
I came to the edge of the tallest cliff
Abyss lies under my feet
Standing there unable to move
With blank stare looking at it
With anguish and despair

I'm standing alone
Standing with empty hands
I'm standing alone
With nothing more than shattered faith

Followed the trace that you left behind
Through burned cities covered in ashes
I had no time to stop and think about
Of what I have done and what I have not
I ran so fast, I ran just to finish
But ended up trapped right in the dead end.

I'm standing alone
Standing with empty hands
I'm standing alone
With nothing more than shattered faith

Bogged down in a swamp
Of your very own fears
Unable to get out
Just sinking deeper down
Track Name: Snakes
Blaming others for your mistakes
Hiding in shadows like a fucking snake
Shifting responsibility shifting blame
Cowards like you have no fucking shame

Unable to admit your own fuck ups
You live by the law of the pack of jackals
Unable to fix mistakes you’ve made
You bite throats like a cornered rat

Chained yourself
To the wall of disgrace
Sly like a snake
But more cowardly than a hare

Scared to death of being in charge
Your cheap excuses make me just laugh
Scared to death of facing your fate
You future is sealed, step up to the plate

Never learned anything about this life
Only how to save your own fucking hide
Never tried to face enemy yourself
You always preferred remain stealth
Track Name: Wasted Away
Wake up! The time is now
Stay tuned and look around
Tell me – what do you see?
How far is that from your reality?

Is this your life or just a pallid shadow of what it could have been?
Was this your dream or only shards of the ambitions you used to keep?

Back in the days you used to think
Just go with the flow would do the trick
Day after day became the same
The flow ended up in a very still lake

Your apathy killed
Every dream you went for
Days wasted away
Are buried in sloth
While present is slipping
Through fingers like sand
The time you have spent
Stays your biggest regret

The future is hidden
Behind the veil
You’re planning the next move
As time's ticking away
Take charge of your life
Control your own time
There’s so much to see
And way more to find

Like in a raft
into the ocean
You drift through time
Without a purpose
Threw overboard
Every oar you had
Refusing to row
You keep looking ahead
Track Name: Wayfarer
Hold my hand
Walk with me
Through the time
Beyond eternity

eyes closed – held breath

As we sail from place to place
As we fly from day to day

No matter how and no matter what
We’ll make our way through this endless rot
To better days in a better place
I see the end of this twisted maze

Even in the darkest night
You are the fire that starts a new
Your smile is brighter
Than the stars above
For years it’s been my only guide

We stood before
As standing now
Just you and me
Still bright and loud

We kept before
As keeping now
The vows we made
Still strong in mind

No matter how hard this shit might get
We’ll make our way to the very end
While I have you standing by my side
All obstacles are left behind