SYG EP 2013

by Spill Your Guts

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Our first EP, recorded live off the floor and mixed through a pair of fake headphones in a Chinese cubicle.


released August 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Spill Your Guts Shanghai, China

Formed in 2012, SYG is a hardcore punk band that blends their own unique style of fast, aggressive music.

Vocals - Dima
Guitar - Zaruf
Guitar - Larry
Bass - Ian
Drums - Tyler

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Track Name: Race Days Racy Nights
Color blind, going all in
It's your favorite number
Pick the track, your life's a heart attack
Out the gates and now everything's under
The chance. The luck. Your final throwdown against the world.
It could be you flying in the wind
But instead you're left standing for death

We long, we long
For the sweepstakes, on the winners
We long, we long
For the prizes, and the drunks
Pray to that God you love
Race Days, and Racy Nights
Thunder of the hooves

Shifting shadows, spinning in circles
Round and round no one knows where it goes
Hear crushing sound, of the gravel rolling
It's your teeth, flying out of your mouth
The truth. The tell. The sweat dripping from your neck.
It's too late your last days are here
He's got you now everything's over

We long
For the sweepstakes
We long
For the prizes
Pray to that God you love
Track Name: Drag Me Out
Do you remember those days
When we were free
From prejudice and judgments
Yes you and me
When were facing this world
With our hearts opened wide
When we were hoping for the best
But it’s all gone

It’s gone,
Long time ago, but not forever
It’s gone,
I need someone to drag me out

I’ve lost my heart
In depth of my mind
I’ve tried to understand
Instead of simply loving

Erecting the walls
Closing up your mind
And burning the bridges
Leaving all behind

Not willing to see
Beyond your own brow
You’ve trapped yourself
In a box of sorrows
Hiding behind
The walls you’ve built
Pretending to live
But living in grief

Erecting the walls
Closing up your mind
And burning the bridges
Leaving all behind

Shortsighted people
Around me
Breaking my spirit
Breaking me

I can’t remember
How it happened and when
They came unnoticed
Changes in my head
The more I lived
The less I believed
The further I went
The more I want come back

Erecting the walls
Closing up your mind
And burning the bridges
Leaving all behind
Track Name: Stand Tall
One day when I, am bitter and old
Looking back on my life, asking “For what?”
For what I’ve spent, best years of life?
For what I've lived, without looking behind?

School – University, Family – Job,
Big house – two cars, living room with a plasma
Wife and the kids, maybe a dog
It all could’ve been mine, If I didn’t fuck up

Escaping routine, of everyday life
I tried to avoid, what normal kids like
Instead of going home, still drunk on morning buses
I spent most of my time at kick box classes

I learned how to protect, myself from the Nazis
I learned how to beat, the shit out of thugs
I know that nothing, would ever stop us
I know that nothing, would change my mind

Underground gigs, and late night street fights
Running marathons, away from the cops
Singing together, this song all as one
We all stay united, we all stand tall.
Track Name: Life In Cage
Clear skies – Above my head
Your prison bars – Can’t hide that
I want be free – No matter what
Your fucking rules – Would never work
They’ve built a prison – From the state
All citizens – Became inmates
With mouth shut – And blind eyes
They still believe – In future bright

To be like you
To live in cage

I want to live – With no regrets
You can’t control – What’s in my head
Nothing hard – In blocking web
Now try to block – What I just said
We gonna fight – The power
We gonna fight – For freedom
No one can stop – Free people
No one can stop

Fight – The power
Fight – For freedom
Track Name: Bronson
This world is killing a human in me
Day by day my soul gets darker
It’s giving a birth to demons in my head
They make my heart harder and harder

No love no kindness left in me
Feeding on ignorance my hate grows stronger
Destroying what’s left from my broken soul
Tearing it apart demons crawl out

With every breath I take
My hate grows stronger
With every second lived
My heart beats slower

Covered in blood from imaginary murders
I walk these streets among unknown creatures
They hate each other from the very first day
For so many reasons but all the same

I can’t look at their ugly faces
Twisted by envy, cruel and selfish
Embraced by hatred we all look the same
Every man for himself that’s how we live today